Dizzy Tuning is located in Rocky Point, NY and is owned and operated by Jason Chabza. ECU programming has become a huge hit in the automotive tuner aftermarket world. I started doing this on a personal vehicle back in 2010. I then started offering my help to people in the community at no charge. My name started to spread, and then people were asking me to tune them. I formed an LLC and started my business in 2016. By late 2016 I became an authorized Cobb Pro Tuner. Cobb Accessport is the actual device that is used to flash the vehicle and record datalogs. I pay a monthly subcription fee to use their tuning software, and in return they offer my services on their website in their Dealer Portal.

I do still work right from my home, and do not have a shop. I specifically do all email tunes, but do meet with customers to tune in person, as well. Both services will be offered on the website. I have also branched out in the Ford Ecoboost platform, tuning Ford Fiesta and Focus ST/RS (coming soon). I now sell t-shirts and spark plugs, that can be paired with my tune.

I have doubled my sales every year since 2016, and plan to grow the company even more over the next few years. I have created a digital gauge that will monitor ethanol content of your fuel. Ethanol is a huge part of aftermarket tuning, when trying to make power. So this gauge is in high demand, and I have a lot of people waiting for it's release. I do not have a product page for this gauge yet, but I would like it added to the new website.